How to Help


Youth Work

 We need people to help with street youth work, short trips and regularly and to be back up for holidays and sickness. We pray and get ready before youth work sessions and debrief afterwards. Find out more about how to become a youth work volunteer here.


Safety volunteers help street workers stay safe by following where we are on a watsapp map. We have never been in a position where we didn’t feel safe, but it is good to know someone knows where we are. This role suits someone with good attention to detail.


Prayer volunteers pray for the team and for the people we meet. You can do this wherever you are. You can sign up in advance or on the night for a specific 15-60 mins.  We notice the difference when people are praying during the session.

We also send out prayer updates for people who pray at other times, please get in touch to sign up for the prayer update that suit you.


If you have a skill you could offer, we’d love to hear about it. Some examples are admin, graphic design, website maintenance, fundraising, networking, volunteer recruitment,  running specific workshops, volunteer recruitment, driving for trips, fundraising etc.


Financial supporters partner with us to make the youth work possible, please click here to give.


Do you know other Christians who might like to help? Please share this video using the link or share the link for this website. Please contact us if you, your church or small group would like to know more about New Team.

Contact Us  to find out more.