We need volunteers and supporters in a variety of roles! ⬇️

  • Check out the bus here.
  • 7-9pm, Tuesday 24/5 to 21/6/22.
  • We need volunteers for each evening,
  • To be alongside young people and supervise activities.
  • Working with New Team youth workers.
  • 6:30-9:30 for 6 weeks.
  • We will train and support you in this journey.
  • Please get in touch for more details!

Youth Work

Drawing of young people hanging out on street corner.

📢  The Message Trust Bus – 6 weeks from the end of April, 6:30-9:30, 1 or 2 evenings.

👣 Street youth work

⚽ Trips

🏠 Youth work in new building

🚘 Driving for trips

⚙️ Regular, occasional or summer roles!

⚙️Find out more about the journey to becoming a YW volunteer here.


Watsapp logo

⚙️ Follow street workers location on WhatsApp.

⚙️ This helps us stay safe.

⚙️ Skills: good attention to detail.


Celtic trinity symbol with tail  that streams behind it that intertwines to represent weaving (pavement carving in Govan).

🙏 Pray during street work session (15 min slots).

📩 Prayer emails every 2 months.

📱 Join New Team Supporters’ Group on Facebook for regular news and prayer updates.

Please get in touch for info or to sign up.


Photo of inside of new building before renovation.

✏️ Interior Design / preparing images

🗨️ Advising / expertise

🔧 Co-ordinating trades people

🎨 Graffiti artist

🏠 Building management

⚙️ Other building related skill welcome!

⚙️ Short or long-term volunteers welcome!

⚙️ Volunteer from home or on site.

✔️ We are going to rent our first building.

✔️ A shop that will be youth work and office space.

✔️ Interior design by young people.

✔️ Planning permission and building warrant approved .

✔️ We need help to transform and run it.

Other roles

Photo of cardboard stick man


🧑🏽‍🤝‍🧑🏽Volunteer + supporter recruitment

✍️Graphic Design


🖥️I.T. support







⚙️Would you like to work from home?

⚙️Would you like to get experience or training in a specific skill?

⚙️Would you like to use gifts, skills or passions to serve?

Get in touch for a chat.

Give + Tell

Hand holding a pink or red heart shaped stone.


Donations makes youth work possible.

Click here to give or get in touch for more information.


Please tell others about New Team.

Show them the website.

Please contact us if your church, small group, organisation or youth group would like to know more about New Team.

We aim to empower you to see and use the gifts that God has given you, whether you are a young person, a worker or a volunteer.

We pray and move towards a future of hope.

Contact Us  to find out more.